Double Head National Park Lookout – Rosslyn Bay

Tropical Cyclone Ului

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului as seen from Terra (using the MODIS Sensor)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului as seen from Terra (using the MODIS Sensor)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului has weakened to below cyclone strength, with no further dangerous wind warnings current. Heavy rainfall and flooding are still expected between Bowen and St Lawrence however.

Tropical Cyclone Ului is a category 3 tropical cyclone located about 140km North East of Mackay, currently moving inland at 31km/h. It will most likely cross the coast between Bowen & Proserpine around 4am Sunday morning.

Very destructive winds (200km/h+) around the centre of the cyclone may affect areas in the cyclone’s path tonight and tomorrow, while damaging winds are expected in the cyclone warning area (between Cardwell & Yeppoon).

Tides between Bowen and St Lawrence may rise to levels just above the highest tide of the year, with very rough seas and dangerous conditions along the foreshore.

People in the direct path of Cyclone Ului should remain calm and stay in a safe shelter. Do not venture outside if the eye of the cyclone passes overhead – destructive winds could resume at any time from any direction.

Keep updated with the cyclone’s activity either through ABC Local Radio, a local TV station or the Bureau of Meteorology’s Cyclone Information. Update bulletins are now being issued every hour.

Yeppoon Rainfall & Flooding Summary

Flooding on corner of Woodbury and Bungundarra Roads

2010 Flooding on a property on the intersection of Woodbury & Bungundarra Roads

The last 2 days have seen some huge rainfall figures in the Yeppoon region, with Pacific Heights & Bungundarra receiving over 220mm. Most areas within 30km of Yeppoon (including Byfield) have received at least 90mm.

Beach erosion due to high tides and runoff has occurred in some areas, although Kemp Beach has been hit the hardest. Access to Kemp Beach by its southern entrance and carpark is limited, the easiest access is from the northern end at Rosslyn Bay.

I hope to have photos of the erosion up by next weekend.

Flooding has effected road closures in various low spots around Yeppoon & Gracemere, below is a list current as of 5PM today (1st February 2010). Not mentioned in the list is the closure of the two lower lanes on Farnborough Road near the Bluff. This post will be updated tomorrow with reopened roads, etc.

Yeppoon Road Closures

  • Byfield Road at Stoney Creek and at Merrivale
  • Coorooman Creek Road at Coorooman Creek
  • Daly Creek Road, Bundgundarra
  • Old Byfield Road at Limestone Creek (Mt Rae end)
  • Barmaryee Road
  • Bungundarra Road at Daly Creek
  • Bangalee Boat Ramp beach access
  • Alpis Creek Road

Gracemere Road Closures

  • Malch – 9 Mile Road
  • Alton Downs – 9 Mile Road
  • Fairybower Road
  • Aermby Road
  • Capricorn Street
  • Middle Road
  • Macquarie Road
  • Johnson Road
  • Bajool road 1/2 covered with water – may also be cut very soon at Raglan and Marmor

Rockhampton Heavy Rain & Flooding Forecast

BOM 4 Day forecast chart

BOM 4 Day Forecast Chart (cropped to only 2 days)

Heavy rain is forecast for the Rockhampton region this weekend. Ex-TC Olga is now a low pressure area that’s expected to move southeast from the current position over Northwestern QLD. Expected falls are up to 200mm, meaning low lying areas in the region could flood.

Preparations for the weather should include tidying up anything around your house and yard that could become airborne in a storm.

If any storm related damage is sustained, or sandbags/tarps are required, call the SES (not council) on 132 500.

Stay safe and enjoy whatever the weekend brings.

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather in Yeppoon


Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks

Australia Day 2010 fireworks show - Yeppoon Main Beach

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Display

There was a great turnout tonight for the 2010 Australia Day fireworks show on Yeppoon main beach. Every year, Ergon Energy sponsors the fireworks, which generally start at around 7:45pm and last for 10-15 minutes.

On past Australia Days the fireworks have been launched from a boat anchored just off the main beach, but this year all the action took place at the northern end of Main Beach (near the Surf Lifesaver building). Event organisers and SES personnel made sure the crowd stayed well back from the launch trailer.

Below are some additional pictures of the fireworks display. I took almost a hundred photos, but the lack of a tripod meant that only 20-30% turned out ok.

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Show #5

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Show #1

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Show #2

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Show #3

Yeppoon Australia Day 2010 Fireworks Show #4

Capricorn Half Ironman Challenge Complete

Matt & Lisa - winners of the Capricorn Half Ironman Triathlon

Matt & Lisa – winners of the Capricorn Half Ironman Triathlon

The Capricorn Half-Ironmen of 2009 were battling it out today at Capricorn Resort.
The main winner of the event was Mat White, no further details about 2nd or 3rd places and times are available as yet. This post will be updated once more results become available. See Below:


The main Capricorn Half website has now been updated with more information about the two winners (female & male categories).

There was very close competition in the mens’ race, South Australian Mat White held a lead of only 13 seconds over Tim Berkel (NSW). The final time for Mat was 4 hours, 4 minutes and 11 seconds, while Time came in at 4 hours, 4 minutes and 24 seconds.

There always has to be someone in last place for every race, and that position went to Bob Southwell, an 80 year old from Alexandra Headland. He completed the triathlon in 7 hours, 57 minutes and 22 seconds. I say good on him!

For more information about individual times – sortable by age group and gender – please visit Racetek Race Results and select the ‘Capricorn Resort Half Ironman 2009’ option from the main option.