Double Head National Park Lookout – Rosslyn Bay

Tropical Cyclone Ului

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului as seen from Terra (using the MODIS Sensor)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului as seen from Terra (using the MODIS Sensor)

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ului has weakened to below cyclone strength, with no further dangerous wind warnings current. Heavy rainfall and flooding are still expected between Bowen and St Lawrence however.

Tropical Cyclone Ului is a category 3 tropical cyclone located about 140km North East of Mackay, currently moving inland at 31km/h. It will most likely cross the coast between Bowen & Proserpine around 4am Sunday morning.

Very destructive winds (200km/h+) around the centre of the cyclone may affect areas in the cyclone’s path tonight and tomorrow, while damaging winds are expected in the cyclone warning area (between Cardwell & Yeppoon).

Tides between Bowen and St Lawrence may rise to levels just above the highest tide of the year, with very rough seas and dangerous conditions along the foreshore.

People in the direct path of Cyclone Ului should remain calm and stay in a safe shelter. Do not venture outside if the eye of the cyclone passes overhead – destructive winds could resume at any time from any direction.

Keep updated with the cyclone’s activity either through ABC Local Radio, a local TV station or the Bureau of Meteorology’s Cyclone Information. Update bulletins are now being issued every hour.

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